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29 August 2011 @ 10:43 am
Pride part 2  

I'm currently sat at Chorlton street bus station (oh the glamour!) waiting for 11am to come. I'm scheduled on the Pride booth from 11 til 2 today but I have to wait for someone to come get me with a pass.

Not wishing for a repeat of Saturday I left the house at 8.50am *yawn*. Arrived in Manc at 10am and called in Starbucks for hot chocolate. Who should I run in to but Rachel's friends John and Rianna! So weird. We spoke about them last week because she was meeting up with them on Saturday and I asked her to say hello from me. I've only met them twice before, the first time at her hen do when I didn't know anyone and I hung out with them because they were nice. Second time at her wedding.

They're in town to see Jenson Button race his car around the centre or something.

So random to see them here.

I don't think the festival has even started yet *waits*

My personal task today is to look at peoples shoes. I need new ones that are winter appropriate but I realised I have no idea what shoes people wear. I've been wearing cons for almost 15 years and at best they're a fair weather shoe.

Random post is random. Amy I will reply to your comment later today!

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