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12 April 2011 @ 02:07 pm
marcus foster at the night & day cafe  
Went to see Marcus Foster last night in Manchester at the Night & Day Cafe. There are no words as to describe how awesome it was. Seriously.

Ok there are a few, it was amazing! He was amazing! He's eccentric and weird on stage in his movements and he's just so cool! He sounded amazing, really. Oh and he played my most favourite song in the world ever. I cant even describe how it was to hear him sing it live.

Oh and i totally met him. it was a pretty relaxed and tiny venue so he was just in the bar before hand watching the warm up acts. Then after the show he was stood by the door talking to some fans and i was going to just leave but Andrew, being hopped up on a few bottles of Peroni, took charge and was like 'You're having your picture with him!' and proceeded to go over and talk to him. I followed. We had a conversation, we conversed! And Andrew took our picture and his Peroni consumption means it was fuzzy and lame but i dont care! Look!


Also, here he is playing my favourite song :-) Though at a different venue.